/Dietary supplement
  • Collagen is a fibrous protein that acts on skin, cartilage, bones, and connective tissue. It's the most plentiful protein in the human body. Composed mostly of amino acids (glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline), the collagen protein is unique. Calorad® Classic's exclusive formula contributes to the body's natural production of collagen through the natural enzymatic hydrolysis process and thanks to the effects of its amino acids.
  • Blue Calorad®, composed of collagen, amino acids (Arginine, Glycine, Lysine, and Glutamine) and enriched with a powerful antioxidant made from blueberries, has a beneficial effect on the immune system, muscles, and tendons. Its natural formula contributes to increasing resistance to fatigue by limiting energy expenditure, whether in daily tasks or physical activities.
  • Calorad® Sport is composed of collagen and BCAA, ramified branched-chain amino acids that make up about a third of muscle proteins. Amino acids help improve stamina during intense physical activity and help increase muscle mass. Combined with a healthy diet, Calorad® Sport provides an extra source of energy that helps rebuild deteriorated organic protein after a sustained effort.  
  • Collagen is a protein found throughout our body. According to studies, collagen deficiency can cause damage to the skin, joints, blood vessels, and impede tissue regeneration. In addition to collagen, Calorad® Advanced's exclusive formula contains amino acids (Arginine, Glycine, Lysine, Glutamine, Hydroxylysine and Hydroxyproline), essential elements that act on the tendons and muscles as well as the immune system and metabolism.